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K&L Joinery Ltd. designs and creates high quality and tailor-made joinery items from our own Warrington-based workshop, for both individual house-holders and commercial companies. “Off the Shelf” is never a term used around here.

The skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail we bring was won us some prestigious contracts – for example we take care of the National Trusts’ historic Tatton Hall – whose buildings are listed – making both precision and quality in our bespoke joinery absolute essentials.

We list below some of the joinery products we can create – all of course made to the specification of you, the client – and some of the services we can offer.

This is not a finite list, so if you have a specific product in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can chat over your requirements and offer you our advice.

We can also travel to your site to assess the job requirements and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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Our bench joinery team can manufacture both internal and external doors for just about any property – new homes, retail stores, hospitals etc. These are often ordered to match a specific existing style and always ordered to make a good impression and positive difference to the property.

Our doors can be made from a variety of hard wearing timbers that we carry and we can advise you on the best timber to use dependant on the door itself. For example an exterior door to a house not only needs to look inviting but should be resistant to the elements to protect the interior of the house itself. We will prime doors so that they are not affected by adverse weather before our clients treat and finish them – be that paint, stain etc.

High specification external Bi-fold doors

Durable, impressive looking bi-fold doors can add style and value to your property and are becoming increasingly popular.

They are often used as a replacement for existing patio doors as well as a favorite choice of door for new extensions to a home or other property.

They add light to a room and because they open so much wider than conventional patio or French doors, they literally bring down the divide between internal and external living space – bringing the outside and inside of a property together.

We can help transform your home by both designing and engineering bespoke Bi-fold doors for your specific project, be it a home improvement or new build.


Windows need to be hard-wearing and reliable over many years – as well as a feature to any building they are also a means of security.

Often window orders are to replace old, rotten existing windows and there is no margin for error in terms of replicating size and fitting.

Style is also important as any replacement window must blend in with the rest of the building and that may influence the type of timber used.

We have all the machinery, tools and skill onsite to create custom-made windows for virtually any purpose and of course these will leave us primed and ready for finishing by the client.

Conservatory Windows and Doors

Our team at K&L Joinery Ltd. is a popular choice among local builders and construction firms for the supply of made-to-order conservatory windows and doors that will match the original house.

Extending your home with a conservatory is one of the most popular forms of home improvement but it is nevertheless a big decision and one that must be taken with care. The style, colour and shape of your conservatory must blend in completely with your existing house.

It’s important therefore to put the creation of your timber conservatory doors and windows into the hands of experts like us, who have over 32 years experience of delivering high quality, made-to-measure products exactly to specification.

Made to Measure Bars and Reception desks

The recommendations and referrals we have received over the years have come not only from householders but from commercial property owners too. It’s no surprise then that we receive requests for custom-built bars for Public Houses and Clubs around the north-west of England. Here again, the need to use the right materials and to design & create the right character and “feel” is important – for our clients and for the clientele they will entertain on their premises.

Often in a public or commercial building, the “first impression” is that of the reception desk. Whether the building is a new, modern GP surgery or a traditional style school, we can create bespoke reception desks to compliment the overall tone and to make the most of the available space, using the most appropriate timber.

Bespoke Timber Staircases

Made to measure staircases can bring such character to any building – be they of a contemporary or traditional style.

There are various timbers suitable for creating bespoke stairs that give the right impression and we can work with any of them in our bench joinery workshop.

We can offer you a design service or create a set of stairs from our clients’ drawings; obviously all our custom-made stairs meet current building regulations.

Skirting and Architraves

Considering your options for skirting and architraves, be it in a newly decorated room or all around a new home or retail property etc. is an important task. Like doors, windows, staircases etc, these products need to set the right tone, have the right appearance and characteristics to match and blend in with their surroundings. After all choosing the skirting and architraves to fit in a stately home are bound to be different from those chosen for a baby’s nursery, for example.

Again, K&L Joinery Ltd. can advise, design and create skirting and architraves to best suit your requirements. Alternatively, if you are a construction company with plans already drawn up, needing 1st class joiners to do the work, please contact us.

Installation Service

K&L Joinery Ltd. can provide a fitting service for some bespoke products created in our Warrington-based workshop. Currently, we tend to offer this service in our local vicinity only so please have a chat with us about your project and we’ll let you know whether we can install as well as create and manufacture.

Contract Work

We are very proud of our long association with both Warrington and Halton Hospitals with whom we have had maintenance contracts for over 30 years.

Our work is varied – from creating and fitting replacement windows and doors to making and installing a new kitchen or a simple set of shelves.

In the mansion and halls of Tatton Park much of our work is to precisely reproduce timber items that may be rotting; the end product must exactly replace the original i.e. like for like. It is this kind of responsibility that we are honoured and happy to accept and we believe it speaks volumes for the high quality of our craftsmanship.

We are happy to be approached about contract work, including work for local Councils. Please contact either Bill or Keith to discuss further.

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